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Sistema di pulizia delle reti Starbrush

Vibrowest Anti-Blinding device utilizes the inertial vibration of the screen and the bouncing elastomeric balls or sliders to minimizes screen blinding.
By reducing the amount of near-size particles lodged in the openings of the wire mesh (blinding), the Vibrowest Anti-Blinding device improves dry sizing and liquid/solid separation, so the seive operates at maximum efficiency. Vibrowest cleaning system can be provided with all grades of stainless steel, nylon and polyester meshes.

Screen Deblinding systems Starbrush
Cleaning system "STARBRUSH" is a system made by a stainless steel triangle with 6 or more brushes which thanks to the vibration of the machine, rotate and keep the mesh clean and efficient.
It is particularly suitable for agglomerated greasy powders.