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Sistema di pulizia delle reti a palle

Vibrowest Anti-Blinding device utilizes the inertial vibration of the screen and the bouncing elastomeric balls or sliders to minimizes screen blinding.
By reducing the amount of near-size particles lodged in the openings of the wire mesh (blinding), the Vibrowest Anti-Blinding device improves dry sizing and liquid/solid separation, so the seive operates at maximum efficiency. Vibrowest cleaning system can be provided with all grades of stainless steel, nylon and polyester meshes.

Elastomeric balls anti-blinding device
The elastomeric ball anti-blinding device consists of a working mesh ring on top, and a coarser mesh ring (support screen) on the bottom with captive elastomeric balls placed in-between.
When the sieve vibrates the elastomeric balls bounce against the upper "operating" screen and the lower support screen dislodging near-size particles lodged in the apertures of the upper screen.