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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 17:19

Ultrasonic sieving system GLOBAL

Vibrowest Ultrasonic sieve deblinding system GLOBAL allows separations of light powders with meshes ranging from 0,250 mm to 0,025 mm (25 micron).
Some powders, due to their granulometry, light bulk density and physical features, can not be sieved only with the mechanical movement of the separator. The Ultrasonic sieve deblinding system GLOBAL allows the sieving thanks to the creation of an additional ultrasonic frequency vibration straight on the wire of the sieving mesh.

better sieving results are reached combining mechanical and ultrasonic vibrations.
higher throughputs and screening efficiency, even for materials which are difficult to screen
prevent blinding of fine mesh, keep constantly clean the screening surface and avoid screen clogging;
guarantee a longer screen life.
-Set Up:
The automatic frequency control selects the right frequency



Whatch the ultrasonic system GLOBAL video


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