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Saturday, 03 January 2015 10:29

Static screener WESTON STATIC

Static screener WESTON STATIC

Static screener WESTON STATIC

Vibrowest Static sieve provides fast, efficient separation of solids from liquids with no moving parts. Available in two sizes  the 600 mm (WESTON STATIC 24) and 1200 mm (WESTON STATIC 48).


It is ideally suited for filtering and separating the solids from waste water. Purification plants, Farms, livestock feedlots, Fruit and vegetables processors, Fish processors, pulp and paper mills to name a few.


The advantages of this low-cost treatment approach are many:

- No moving parts for a long maintenance free service life

- Easy installation

- High flow rates

- In livestock feedlot operations the nitrate levels can be reduced by up to 20%


This Gravity flow type separators operates with the liquid entering the equipment from the inlet nozzle and flows over the element. The liquid passes through the screen. The unfiltered solids slide down on the screen to a holding container. The solids slide them can be collected from the bottom in a bin or removed a conveyor.

Maximum efficiency and speed are achieved through the use of a head box designed for minimum turbulance and a slotted screen formed in a cycloid curve for optimum efficiency.

The Weston static separator can be operated independently for liquids/solids separation or as a system component in conjunction with Vibrowest circular and rectangular separators and centrifugal screens.



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Saturday, 03 January 2015 10:25

Vibrating screener WESTON

Vibrating screener WESTON

Vibrating screener WESTON

WESTON circular vibrating screener has been produced for more than 40 years and stands out for its high screen efficiency, strength and reliability. These are the main qualities that makes Weston sieve our most popular sieve in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.
The circular sifter Weston separates solids from liquids or dry material into various particle sizes ranging from 51 mm to 0,033 mm (400 mesh).

This circular vibrating sieve is utilized in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in all sectors of application where the sieve need to be used on several product lines. 

Main characteristics

The screen frames can be changed quickly and easily (a screen change requires 1 minute)

The screen can be equipped with various cleaning system as starbrush and the innovative ultrasonic cleaning system

The vibration movement is easy to regulate

High efficiency with low operating costs

Portable: The Weston can be easily adapted to various customer needs. The Weston sieve has wheels and can be moved and installed into different product lines

The product contact areas are easy to assemble, mirror polished in stainless steel AISI 316.

The Weston sieve is available in 3 different models: Weston 503, Weston 605 e Rotowest

Vibrating screener Weston 503

Electric motor 1,5 KW, 1.500 RPM

On request: ATEX certification, FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP.

Vibrating screener Weston 605

Electric motor 2,2 KW, 3.000 RPM

On request: FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP

Thanks to high-speed 3.000 rpm motor is suitable for applications that require screening solids from a large volume of heavy, high-viscosity liquids (liquid panting and glue industry).

Vibrating screener Rotowest

Electric motor 0,48 KW, 1.500 RPM 

On request: ATEX certification, FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP.

Particularly designed for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Areas of application


Watch the vibrating screener WESTON video


Circular Vibrating Screener Weston
Fahrbare Siebmaschine Weston
Rundsiebmaschine Weston
Separador Vibratorio Weston
Setaccio Vibrante Weston
Tamiseur Vibrant Weston
Tamizadora Weston
Vaglio Circolare Weston
Vaglio Vibrante Circolare Weston
Vibrating Screener Weston
Vibrovaglio Circolare Weston
Vibrating screener

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Saturday, 03 January 2015 10:10

Circular vibrating sieve MR


Circular vibrating sieve MR

MR circular vibrating sieve segregates solids from liquids or dry material into various particle sizes ranging from 51 mm to 0,033 mm  (400 mesh).

Easy to install, the circular screener MR, can be equipped to separate up to 5 sizes with up to 4 screen decks incorporated in one Vibrowest sieve.

Standard models range in size from 440 mm to 1800 mm

Screens are easy and fast to change and can be equipped with various cleaning system as: balls, kleeners, starbrush, CIP and the innovative ultrasonic cleaning system

The circular vibrating sieve is avaiable constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 or stainless steel AISI 316.

On request: ATEX certification, FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP avaialable.

All product contact areas can be polished to be in accordance with Sanitary Standards.


The vibration is develop in both the horizontal and in the vertical plane and can be adjusted in both directions

Vibration is accomplished by eccentric weights positioned on fly wheels on the upper and lower ends of the motion generator shaft.

The upper fly wheel creates vibration in the horizontal plane, which moves the material from the center to the outer perimeter of the screen. The lower fly wheel creates vibration in the vertical as well as tangential plane producing a highly efficient sieving action.

Adjusting the counterweights on the fly wheel is rapid and tool free. This adjustment allows modifing the vibration pattern to find the best sieving action for a particular product.

The ability to adjust the vibration pattern results in the high screening efficiency both with liquid and solid products.

Circular vibrating sieve MR advantages

Vibrowests 45 years of experience in sieving technology, innovative and efficient design has brought  Vibrowest Sieves to the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. 

The circular vibrating sieve MR can be modified and adapted to suit a wide variety of customer requirements.

Main Industry sectors of application


Watch the circular vibrating sieve MR video


Circular Sieve MR
Circular Sifter Mr
Circular Vibrating Sieve
Circular Vibrating Sieve Mr
Setaccio Vibrante Mr
Sifter Mr
Tamis Circulaire Mr
Tamis Vibrant Circulaire Mr
Tamiz Vibratorio Circular Mr
Tamiz Vibratorio Mr
Vagli Circolari Mr
Vaglio Circolare Mr
Vaglio Vibrante Circolare
Vibrating Sieve Mrmr
Vibrationssiebmaschine Mr
Vibrating sieve sieving orange juice
Vibrovaglio Circolare Mr
Circular Sifter
Circular vibrating sieves
Circular sieves
Vaglio circolare
Circular sieve
Circular sifters
Sieving pvc with circular vibrating sieve

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Saturday, 03 January 2015 10:16

Centrifugal Sifter TURBOWEST


Centrifugal Sifter TURBOWEST

The centrifugal sifter TURBOWEST is particularly suitable for control sieving of solid products.
The centrifugal sieve sturdy construction and ease of integration into existing plants, makes it an easy choice for sieving a large range of powders and granules, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic products.
Successfully used for screening dry or damp bulk materials, the centrifugal sifter, is recommended whenever bagged products or hygroscopic materials are being processed. Lumps and conglomerations are broken gently without any product loss. The Turbowest sieve is especially suited for gravity screening in line with pneumatic conveyors.

Operational Description

The product is fed into the sifter trough the inlet and the internal screw feeds material to be sifted into the sifting chamber. The materials is collected and distributed along the sifting surface by rotating paddles optional brushes, which forces the material through the screen.
Material feeding must be consistent avoiding any overfeeding. The separated fine material will discharge to the central outlet.
The central outlet is easily connected to any conveying system. The unsifted material will be discharged through the side outlet which is easy to connect to any conveying system.

Fesutures and Benefits of the centrifugal sifter

- Gentle material handeling
- Robust construction
- Automatic material discharge
- No vibration
- Easy and quick change of screen mesh
- Inspection doors for quick cleaning of the machine
- High output
- Available in stainless steel AISI 304L-316L.
- Certification for ATEX, FDA-FOOD, GMP available
- Energy efficient

Industry Application:

Watch the centrifugal sifter TURBOWEST video


Centrifugal sifter turbowest

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