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Saturday, 03 January 2015 10:29

Static screener WESTON STATIC

Static screener WESTON STATIC

Static screener WESTON STATIC

Vibrowest Static sieve provides fast, efficient separation of solids from liquids with no moving parts. Available in two sizes  the 600 mm (WESTON STATIC 24) and 1200 mm (WESTON STATIC 48).


It is ideally suited for filtering and separating the solids from waste water. Purification plants, Farms, livestock feedlots, Fruit and vegetables processors, Fish processors, pulp and paper mills to name a few.


The advantages of this low-cost treatment approach are many:

- No moving parts for a long maintenance free service life

- Easy installation

- High flow rates

- In livestock feedlot operations the nitrate levels can be reduced by up to 20%


This Gravity flow type separators operates with the liquid entering the equipment from the inlet nozzle and flows over the element. The liquid passes through the screen. The unfiltered solids slide down on the screen to a holding container. The solids slide them can be collected from the bottom in a bin or removed a conveyor.

Maximum efficiency and speed are achieved through the use of a head box designed for minimum turbulance and a slotted screen formed in a cycloid curve for optimum efficiency.

The Weston static separator can be operated independently for liquids/solids separation or as a system component in conjunction with Vibrowest circular and rectangular separators and centrifugal screens.



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